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True Hues Color Wheel PDF

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How do I tell my child about their autism diagnosis?

How do I describe autism so that educators and caregivers will understand? 

What’s the best way to explain that autism presents differently for each person?

The True Hues Color Wheel© is a hands-on activity that answers these questions.

Created in a fun question/answer format, your loved one will learn all about autism in an approachable and accessible way—finishing with a printable color wheel that represents their True Hues! Use your completed wheel as a gateway to better support and celebrate your child, and also as a tool for advocacy, sharing it with family, friends, caregivers and educators.

Just like autistic individuals, no two wheels are alike.

The True Hues Color Wheel is accompanied by a free Introducing Autism caregiver guide written by two mothers and healthcare professionals who have children with disabilities.

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